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Types of Partnerships

Types of Partnerships

Partnering with Lifepoint

We are flexible, partnering through personalized models to advance our individual goals while supporting the health and well-being of the people we serve.

Our tailored partnership solutions include:

Contract management

Through this partnership model, hospitals have the ability to maintain full ownership of their facility while also being able to utilize expertise of a focused partner.

Whether it’s as simple as providing your unit’s medical director or managing every aspect of your unit’s operations, we are here to assist your hospital every step of the way.

This partnership model serves as a great steppingstone for long-term relationships and can eventually become a merger or acquisition down the line.

Additionally, through our Lifepoint Forward innovation strategy, we partner with technology innovators to shape the future of healthcare. And within each of our communities, we collaborate with local leaders, employers, community organizations, and healthcare providers to advance our mission of making communities healthier.

Joint venture

This option allows hospitals to maintain governance and partial control while designating operations and clinical responsibility of one or more service lines to Lifepoint.

Joint-venture partnership combines both organizations’ strengths, allowing Lifepoint to bring in the specialized expertise and resources needed to help your hospital elevate its current offering and expand patient access to your local community. 

We have joint venture partners that range from collaborations for new specialty hospitals that expand vital services in communities, to strategic relationships focused on building or strengthening regional healthcare delivery systems anchored by community hospitals.

Wholly owned

It can often be difficult to obtain the necessary resources to optimize complex hospital processes, such as revenue cycle, supply chain, or productivity.

When your hospital decides to become wholly owned by Lifepoint, you can overcome many barriers, such as gaining access to the latest technologies and understanding highly specialized service lines and regulations.

We own and operate healthcare locations across the nation, including acute care hospital campuses, physician enterprises, and outpatient clinics, bringing comprehensive resources and support to meet the evolving needs of those we serve.

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